55% high aluminum bricks

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Ingredient 55% Al203
Heat resistance About 1600 °C
Specifications 230x115x65mm
Origin China

55% high-aluminum bricks are a popular refractory material after samo bricks, and are widely used in all types of industrial furnaces in parts and locations that require high temperatures that samo bricks do not. meet.

High temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature expansion and low temperature change. Corrosion resistance to neutral and acidic slags, and resistance to metal penetration at high fluid temperatures.

Thông số kỹ thuật Gạch chịu lửa cao nhôm
   Technical specifications High aluminum refractory bricks

Widely applied and used in the construction of furnaces, furnace walls, furnace roofs, combustion chambers of the chemical, metallurgical, garbage incineration industries, etc.

With many great uses of high-aluminum refractory bricks, they are widely used in the construction of kilns, used to build combustion chambers of iron, steel, tunnel, ceramic, glass, boiler furnaces, etc. cast iron furnace, copper furnace, aluminum furnace, medical waste incinerator, industrial waste incinerator, electric furnace of all kinds…