A700 Refractory Cement

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Heat resistance 1500°C
Specifications Bag: 25kg
Origin China

A700 heat-resistant cement meets heat resistance and high strength requirements in the construction and manufacturing industries.

Thông số kỹ thuật xi măng chịu nhiệt
Specifications of refractory cement

– High temperature adhesive and good thermal shock resistance

– Fast curing and anti-microbial ability

– High chemical corrosion resistance

A700 heat-resistant cement has many applications in industry and construction, including:

– Used as a raw material to build incinerators, kilns, industrial metallurgical furnaces, garbage incinerators, brick factories, etc.

– Used for parts of furnaces, tunnel furnaces and boilers

– Raw materials to build metal tanks and chemical tanks

Raw materials for making furnace walls, furnace domes or furnace chimneys