CA80 Refractory Cement

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Heat resistance 1700°C
Specifications Bag 25kg
Origin China

CA80 refractory cement with high temperature resistance and many superior properties. This is an important product in the construction and industrial sectors

Thông số kỹ thuật xi măng chịu nhiệt
Specifications of refractory cement

– High temperature adhesive and good thermal shock resistance

– Fast curing and anti-microbial ability

– High chemical corrosion resistance


CA80 refractory cement has many applications in industry and construction, including:

– Used as a raw material to build incinerators, kilns, industrial metallurgical furnaces, garbage incinerators, brick factories, etc.

– Used for parts of furnaces, tunnel furnaces and boilers

– Raw materials to build metal tanks and chemical tanks

Use for applications requiring high temperature resistance and high mechanical strength.

CA80 refractory cement plays an important role in building and protecting structures in harsh and high-temperature environments.