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When building and operating boiler and furnace systems, nothing is more important than having a trusted and experienced partner. Bao Son is proud to be a leading unit in the field of design and construction of boiler and kiln projects with a team of experts, we are committed to providing high quality services and optimal solutions for every project. .
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Boiler Design and Construction

When you talk about building and operating boiler and furnace systems, nothing is more important than having a trusted and experienced partner. Bao Son is proud to be a leading unit in the field of design and construction of boiler and kiln projects. With over a decade of experience and a team of experts with extensive knowledge, we are committed to providing high quality services and optimal solutions for every project.

Boiler and boiler design and construction services

Providing full boiler design and construction and   boiler installation services.

Installing boilers with steam piping systems and other types of pipes in factories.

Propose plans to repair and renovate various types of boilers and pressure equipment, suitable to the customer’s requirements and business scale: Replace boiler fire tubes, overhaul boilers, make auxiliary combustion chambers boilers, troubleshooting boiler problems, repairing boiler automatic electrical systems,…

Repair and maintain all types of boilers and pressure equipment with a team of skilled specialists and the most modern specialized machinery and equipment available today.

In the process of Industrialization and Modernization today, boilers are commonly used in factories and industrial parks, helping to burn fuel and generate heat during the process. The fire will transmit to the water in the furnace to turn water into steam to serve the production and processing industries.

Boilers are commonly used in industry such as sugar, chemical, wine, beer, beverage, food processing, etc. Industrial boilers, with steam pressure from low to high, small to high output. big.

For industrial boilers, the steam produced is saturated steam, the steam pressure does not exceed 2.0 Mpa, the water temperature is greater than 115 degrees Celsius.

In the industry, boilers are classified into many different types based on steam pressure, movement of thermal energy and water, combustion fuel, design method and finally classified according to the circulation of steam and water.

Main components when designing and constructing a boiler system

Boiler water supply system:

– Supply water to the boiler, automatically adjusted depending on steam demand.

– Water supplied to the boiler is converted into steam, called feed water.

Design and construction of steam system:

– The steam system collects and controls the flow of steam generated in the boiler. Steam is moved from the boiler through a system of pipes to the point of use. Throughout the system, steam pressure is regulated by valves and checked by manometers.

Boiler feeding system:

– The fuel system includes all equipment used to bring fuel into the boiler to provide for the entire combustion process in the combustion chamber. The equipment required in the fuel supply system depends on the type of fuel used in the system.

Boiler applications

– Steam boilers are used in industrial plants that use heat. Boilers play the role of providing heat and steam sources and conducting heat and steam sources to production and processing machinery systems.

– Boilers are widely used in industries. Depending on the needs and conditions of the industry, the level of heat usage as well as the capacity appropriate to the production scale of the factory uses different types of boilers. For example:

+ Garment companies and dry cleaning companies: Boiler boilers are used to provide steam for the laundry process.

+ Companies processing animal feed or producing confectionery: use boilers to dry products.

+ Factories producing fish sauce, soy sauce or soft drinks: use boilers for heating or sterilization.

Warning in case of boiler explosion during design and construction

– The boiler is seriously depleted / Full of water.

– Boiler puncture or explosion.

– Blowing in parts of the boiler.

– Damaged water pipes and pressure gauges of the boiler.

– Boiler water valve assembly is broken.

– The boiler blowdown valve is broken.

– Boiler wall collapsing, refractory bricks falling, insulation damaged.

– The water supply pumps for the boiler are broken.

– The boiler fan is broken.

Requirements for design and construction of Bao Son boilers

First: The boiler is designed and built to ensure hygienic construction standards and general standards.

Second: The boiler must be placed permanently in a private house. Outdoor installation is allowed if the boiler is designed and manufactured to suit the actual conditions of use.

Third: Make ceilings and working rooms above boilers except for boilers specified in general standards.

Fourth: Allowed to organize the installation and operation of boilers in the factory.

Fifth: The lowest floor of the house that organizes the installation and operation of the boiler must be higher than the floor and the floor surrounding the boiler house.

Sixth: The exit and entrance doors of the boiler house must be opened from the outside. Doors of auxiliary structures entering the boiler house must be fitted with springs that automatically close and open towards the house that organizes the installation and operation of the boiler.

Pay attention to safety when operating the boiler

+ The boiler must stop operating immediately for emergency repairs if there is damage to the pressure-bearing parts of the boiler, causing the risk of serious accidents.

+ When the boiler’s operating life expires, you must stop operating the boiler to conduct inspection, repair and registration for further use.

+ Repairs of medium and large boilers must be performed by individuals and units recognized by state law and must comply with current boiler safety technical regulations.

+ When encountering problems that cannot be resolved, please contact the boiler supplier.

+ All boiler incidents and troubleshooting must be recorded in the operating log.

+ Changing the structure and working principle of the boiler must be approved by the boiler supplier. If the facility uses it arbitrarily, all responsibility belongs to that facility.

–> Contact us immediately for advice, warranty and troubleshooting promptly and effectively, avoiding unfortunate situations from occurring.

Bao Son Industry Company Limited undertakes boiler design

– Design, manufacture and install boilers as required.

– Pressure Equipment.

– Construction & Installation of boiler.

– Boiler repair and maintenance services.

– Upgrade oil fired boiler to biomass boiler.

– Contact us for more information about our boiler installation services

Technical experts install the boiler according to the correct process and schedule as quickly as possible, especially without delay. Commitment to not being negligent or irresponsible in work to ensure safety and highest performance.

We at Bao Son have many years of experience in the field of Consulting, Maintenance – Construction and Installation of Boiler Boilers for industrial parks & large factories. With a team of highly specialized and experienced engineers.

We at Bao Son are committed to bringing the best and most optimal service and efficiency to our customers!

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