Diverse Applications of Silicate Glass Adhesives in Industry

Silicate glass colloid is not only a common material in daily life but also an important component in many industrial applications. Let’s learn about the diverse applications of silicate glass glue in industry. Below is some detailed information about the technical properties and applications of Silicate glass glue:

Why should you choose Silicate Glass Adhesive?

Silicate glass glue, also known as Sodium silicate or Water glass, is a versatile material widely used in the construction and manufacturing industry. Below are some highlights of the technical properties and applications of this product.

Technical properties:


English: Sodium silicate or Water glass.

Vietnamese: Sodium silicate.

Chemical formula:

Na2SiO3, mNa2O.nSiO2.

Molecular Mass:


External inspection:

It is a clear, viscous, colorless or greenish yellow liquid.

Has very high viscosity, exists in a thick gel form.

Chemical properties:

Silicate glass glue has the ability to react with many substances in the solid, gas or liquid phase.

Waterproof ability:

The product is used as a waterproofing material to prevent water in construction projects.

Corrosion resistance:

Easily decomposed by acids, even carbonic acid, forming colloidal precipitates of silicic acid.


pH (1% solution): 12.8.

Physical properties:

Mode: 2.6 – 2.9.

Density at 20°C: 1.40 – 1.42 g/cm³.

Viscosity: Measured in funnel BZ-4 at 25°C over 19 s.

Sodium silicate (Na2SiO3) content:

From 42 to 45%.

Application of silicate glass glue


Used for waterproofing and preventing water in construction projects.

Filling pump fills cracks.

Production of building materials:

Mix with sand cement to make waterproof mortar.

Industrial production:

In the production of ceramic tiles, ceramics, paper, aluminum, and steel rolling mills.

Production of acid-resistant cement:

As the main ingredient in the additive production mix for acid-resistant concrete.

Diverse applications:

Used in the production of silicate paint, cold enamel paint, insulators, heat-resistant materials, glue, cardboard, and many other applications.

User manual:

In waterproofing work:

Repair concrete floors and cement mortar surfaces.

Dilute with a ratio of 4:1 and apply to the surface, let dry completely.

Crack repair:

Mix in small sized aggregates.

Filling cracks:

Use directly without dilution.

Supplier of Silicate Glass Glue

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