Fire brick 5 inches

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Heat resistance 1580°C
Specifications Rectangular 215x115x500mm
Weight 25kg/tablet
Origin Vietnam
Fire brick 5 inches with high heat resistance of 1580°C degrees Celsius. Sa modi refractory bricks with 10-20% aluminum alloy composition. Refractory bricks are a fashionable refractory material with high durability, low thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal shock..
Thông số kỹ thuật Gạch chịu lửa Sa mốt
Technical specifications of  refractory bricks

Heavy industrial parks such as silicate industry: construction of pottery, crockery, porcelain, glass furnaces, cement clink firing, coal gas furnaces, fuel burning burners, etc. pig iron production: blast furnace, hot wind furnace, cast iron pouring tank; Steel making industry: steel water barrel construction, billet casting, billet furnace, etc. all use refractory bricks.