Hammer shoulder fire brick

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Heat resistance 1580°C
Ingredient <20% AL203
Specifications 270x230/125x110mm
Weight 12kg/tablet
Origin Vietnam

The Hammer shoulder Fire Brick, which is highly resistance to heat up to 1580°C , contains 10-20% aluminum alloy. These Refractory bricks are  a stylish and durable refractory material, known for their  low thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to thermal shock.

Thông số kỹ thuật Gạch chịu lửa Sa mốt
Technical specifications of fire brick

These bricks are extensively used in heavy industrial  environment  such as silicate industry, which includes the construction of ceramic kilns for building crockery, porcelain and glass ; as well as kilns for cement clinker, and coal gas and fuel burners.,…; Iron production: they are used for constructing blast furnaces, hot blast stoves, and, cast iron ladles; while in the; steel industry, they are utilized in building steel converters, , casting billets, and furnaces, among other applications, showcasing their versatility and traditional value in refractory applications.