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High quality mortar solutions from Bao Son

Bao Son – Leading supplier of construction mortar, meeting high standards of durability, adhesion and strength. Bao Son’s mortar is produced from quality raw materials, ensuring optimal performance. Trusted partner for construction projects.

High quality mortar from Bao Son meets technical requirements and construction standards

Our mortar products are manufactured from quality raw materials and have undergone strict quality control and testing processes. With our investment in advanced technology and production processes, we ensure uniformity and optimal performance of our masonry mortar.

Mortar from Bao Son is resistant to force, waterproofing and can withstand harsh environmental factors. It provides strong adhesion, helping to build strong and durable structures. The shrinkage of masonry mortar is also strictly controlled, helping to avoid cracking and penetration of temperature and liquid.

Providing the right mortar solution for your project

We understand that each construction project has its own requirements and conditions. Therefore, Bao Son offers a wide range of mortars, from conventional mortars to fireproof mortars, waterproof mortars and more. We are happy to advise and assist you in choosing the most suitable mortar for your project.

Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to understand your project requirements and recommend the most suitable mortar solution. We can provide detailed information about the features, advantages and applications of each type of mortar so you can make a smart decision.

In addition, we also ensure that our mortar products comply with current technical standards and construction regulations. We are committed to product quality and reliability, helping you achieve the best construction results.

With high-quality mortar solutions from Bao Son, you can be assured of the stability, durability and performance of your construction project. Please contact us today for advice and choosing the right mortar product for your project.

What is Sa Mot refractory mortar?

Samot A mortar  , also known as  samot mortar  (sa fat), is a type of fire-resistant mortar containing aggregates, binding agents, water and additives to increase flexibility, increase the quality of masonry joints, strength, and durability. and gas permeability. Samot refractory mortar as a refractory brick adhesive additive is used for the main purpose of connecting bricks in building structures, industrial furnaces, tanks or pipes and in the construction of boilers and incinerators. garbage, wood drying kilns, agricultural products, iron and steel furnaces, garments, leather shoes, textiles, environment, fertilizer, cashew oil, aluminum smelting furnaces.


Refractory mortar provides quick setting time, thereby shortening project construction time.

The component has high cold compression strength and high heat resistance of 1500 -1700 degrees.

Extremely good water resistance, resistant to sulfate salts.

Ensure the connection of masonry joints is even and tight, firmly bonded, and well welded with refractory bricks.

Always ensure durability and flexibility, without losing flexibility.

Reputable supplier of fire-resistant mortar

Bao Son Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading refractory, heat-resistant, heat-insulating, and sound-insulating materials for heavy industry, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals, cement, iron and steel.
In addition, Bao Son Refractory also provides optimal heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and highly effective sound absorption solutions for factory, civil, and industrial park projects, and is a reliable and reputable address. , quality and speed for architects, investors and contractors nationwide

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