Insulate cold storage tanks with Perlite grit

Perlite pearlite, an outstanding product in the field of insulation and fire protection. With reliable features and superior performance. Perlite insulation is the top choice for modern and safe insulation solutions. Let’s explore this superior product with Bao Son.

What is Perlite pearl hotel?

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Perlite is a type of volcanic glass, without any defined shape or structure. The rock is rich in silicon and has a relatively high water content, formed by the hydration of obsidian.

Pearl grit is mined, crushed and heated at high temperatures for a short time. When the temperature reaches about 900 degrees Celsius, they will soften the volcanic glass stone, the water particles in the stone will turn into gas and escape, at this time the volume of the stone will also increase. The process of producing pearl grit is like making popcorn. That’s why they are spongy, light and white.

Structural composition of Perlite pearl hotel

No different from other volcanic rocks, perlite will be quite heavy and dense in its natural form. But when heated, the stone expands, becomes light and very porous. Perlite stone usually contains the following ingredients: Sodium oxide, Iron oxide, Aluminum oxide, Magnesium oxide, Potassium oxide, Calcium oxide, Silicon dioxide and water. Naturally mined pearlite is a non-renewable resource.

Advantages of Perlite pearl hotel

Effective insulation

Perlite pearl grit is made from natural materials and has the ability to insulate. This product keeps internal temperatures stable, prevents heat transfer through walls and helps save energy. You can enjoy a comfortable living space and save on air conditioning costs.

Safe fire protection from pearl grit

With reliable fire protection properties, pearl hotel is a safe choice for building protection. This product does not spread fire and minimizes the possibility of emitting toxic gases, ensuring a safe living environment and protecting your property.

The product is heat insulating and fire resistant

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Perlite’s moisture resistance and mold resistance

Stone has waterproof and mold-sterile properties, preventing water absorption and mold growth. Maintain a dry, clean and health-free environment, creating good living conditions for both family and employees.

Durability and longevity

Crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long life. The product does not deform or decompose over time, helping to save maintenance costs and maintain stable insulation performance over a long period of time.

Ventilate and Reduce Waterlogging

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Helps regulate ventilation and drainage effectively. Helps prevent waterlogging and facilitates healthy plant growth.

Providing Nutrients

Pearl grit has a neutral ph and the ability to absorb nutrients and organic matter. That makes it easier for plant roots to access nutrients effectively.

Characteristics of pearl grit

When mixed into soil, the stone remains physically stable and retains its original shape. Perlite is derived from natural compounds and does not contain toxic chemicals, and is extremely porous. Stone has a neutral pH, pH about 7. Pearl grit helps retain water and nutrients for plants. With the above properties, Perlite is commonly used in the agricultural industry, becoming an indispensable friend for plant growth.

Advantages of using perlite to insulate the floor:

– Perlite pearl grit is an inorganic substance with a neutral pH, the product does not cause corrosion of pipes and electrical wiring in the floor area, reducing the humidity of the walls.

– When used for underfloor insulation, perlite is waterproof, dustproof, the insulation is dimensionally stable with temperature changes and is not flammable.

– Perlite underfloor insulation works in the same way as multi-wall systems with bulk insulation to reduce sound transmission.

– Perlite grit is especially useful when used to level floors. Significantly reduces sound transmission from floor to floor, from floor to wall and from underfloor ductwork.

– Sound transmission from plumbing is also reduced when pipes are surrounded by perlite insulation in the floor.

Insulating the floor with perlite concrete solution brings benefits: Light structure, low thermal coefficient, high sound insulation rate. These advantages have created an ideal environment in the house – hot in winter and cool in summer

Like all other volcanic rocks, perlite is also quite heavy and dense in its natural form. Pearl grit usually contains the following ingredients:

  • 70-75% silicon dioxide
  • Aluminum oxide
  • Sodium oxide
  • Kali oxit
  • Iron oxide
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Calcium oxide
  • 3-5% water

Pearl hotel in construction

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Sạn chân châu Bảo Sơn

Perlite in construction, known as heat-insulating perlite, is a versatile and sustainable mineral that is mined and processed in an environmentally friendly way, and the green community recognizes perlite enhancement products such as Insulated lightweight concrete roof decks, as a high-performance solution drawn from natural materials with an almost unlimited supply worldwide.

Perlite plays an important role in many construction-related uses including: as aggregate in concrete and lightweight insulation plaster; as a loose-fill insulation for concrete masonry, cavity walls, in residential homes; and in a variety of special applications including fire protection spraying, chimney filling, interfloor flooring, acoustic spraying.

Note when using Perlite pearl hotel

Perlite grit is widely used in the insulation of cold and low-temperature storage tanks, cold boxes, shipping containers and food processing facilities.

Perlite is a natural siliceous volcanic rock containing 2-6% combined water. When coarse stone is crushed and heated above 1600° F (871° C), the combined water evaporates and the perlite expands to four to twenty times its original volume. This expansion process creates countless cells in the glass beads, resulting in the excellent thermal conductivity of the expanded pearlite.

Perlite liquid insulation provides reliable results in temperatures from -452°F to +2000°F (-269°C to +1093°C).

Because of these unique properties, perlite has become widely accepted in the insulation of cold and low-temperature storage tanks, cold boxes, shipping containers and food processing facilities. In addition to its insulating properties, Perlite is relatively low cost, easy to handle, and non-flammable.

Perlite insulation is suitable for low temperature or non-vacuum cryogenic use, exhibiting low thermal conductivity over a range of densities; The usual recommended density range is 48 to 72kg/m³. There are many different design concepts for low temperature and cryogenic vessels. However, most are constructed of double walls with rings filled with expanded pearlite. Packaged or bulk perlite can be used to insulate smaller vessels by pouring or through pneumatic pumping.

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Reputable supplier of Perlite pearl hotel

Bao Son Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading refractory, heat-resistant, heat-insulating, and sound-insulating materials for heavy industry, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals, cement, iron and steel. In addition, Bao Son Refractory also provides optimal heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, and highly effective sound absorption solutions for factory, civil, and industrial park projects, and is a reliable and reputable address. , quality and speed for architects, investors and contractors nationwide

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