Insulating castable

Insulating castable is a popular construction material worldwide. Reinforced concrete, flexible concrete, and asphalt concrete create sturdy, durable, high-strength structures. Ultra-lightweight concrete plays a very important role in today’s smart construction solutions.

Outstanding advantages

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    Insulation against heat and fire and with light aggregate density makes concrete blocks lighter than other types

  • 02

    Low thermal conductivity helps slow down fire and prevent fire and heat.

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    Light weight will reduce the maximum load on projects such as apartments and high-rise buildings

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Insulating castable


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Customer reviews
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We used to Bao Son., Ltd.'s Insulating castableproducts in our heat reactor, and the results far exceeded expectations. High insulation and abrasion resistance saves energry and money
Mr. Phan
Bao Son's heat Insulating castable has helped save energry for our building. Excellent heat and sound insulation hleps reduce noise and save electricity bills.
Ms. Anh

Insulating castable – Construction material that insulates against heat

Building houses with lightweight concrete materials is growing strongly, thanks to properties that other construction materials do not have such as: heat insulation, fire resistance, sound insulation and waterproofing. Using insulation materials in construction is a growing trend in construction.

1. Learn about lightweight Insulating-castable

Insulating-castable (English name Lightweight concrete), also known as ultra-lightweight concrete, is a type of structural concrete made of low density aggregate, with a long history dating back to the early 1920s. It was initially used Used as insulation, by 1950 it was used on a large scale.
According to standards, lightweight concrete has a dry weight of no more than 1800 kg/m3. The increased density of light aggregate reduces the density of coarse aggregate, which means the concrete mass is lighter. They include lightweight aggregate concrete, EPS foamed concrete, CLC foamed concrete, non-autoclaved aerated concrete, and autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC). Lightweight concrete has a uniformly distributed artificial pore structure, produced using pressure proofing or natural setting technology.

In Vietnam, lightweight concrete is used to produce lightweight concrete bricks and lightweight concrete panels for the construction of houses, walls, prefabricated houses, fireproof partitions or for pouring lightweight concrete floors. compensate the floor, raise the floor to prevent heat and insulate.

2. Advantages of Insulating-castable

Lightweight concrete has many advantages thanks to its heat-insulating and fire-resistant properties. Lightweight concrete contains a structure of 70-80% low density aggregate (air bubbles or EPS foam particles), this low density aggregate prevents water penetration, so it resists water very well. This structure creates a solid connection system with extremely low thermal conductivity to help slow down and prevent fire, prevent heat and achieve durability and long life, helping to save costs for customers.
The compressive strength of lightweight concrete reaches 2.5mpa, 2.8mpa, 3.5mpa and can be up to 15Mpa, depending on their density. For lightweight concrete block products used for construction with a compressive strength of 3.5mpa, they can replace conventional red bricks to build walls. They are used to build high-rise buildings, gradually being affirmed as high-quality construction materials, towards green materials to protect the environment.

3. Useful applications of Insulating-castable

Good heat-resistant insulating concrete is used as lining for furnaces and high-temperature furnaces. In addition, it is also used to produce other products such as heat-resistant tiles, heat-resistant bricks, heat-resistant concrete blocks, etc.

Above are the shares about insulated concrete? Advantages and disadvantages of concrete. Hopefully the articles shared by Bao Son Refractory Materials are somewhat helpful for you to understand more about the construction field in general and knowledge about heat-resistant concrete in particular.

If you want to find a supplier of heat-resistant concrete products, come to Bao Son Refractory Materials. We specialize in distributing and producing concrete using modern lines, ensuring standard processes. Bao Son Industry Company Limited is proud to be a reputable supplier of quality steel products for many years. We are definitely a supplier trusted and supported by customers.

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