L-shaped air duct

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Origin Vietnam, China

Duct elbows, also known as duct elbows, are a component in a duct system used to change direction and regulate air flow in ventilation and air conditioning applications. Air duct elbows are usually circular or rectangular in shape and are made from materials such as steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel, or PP, PVC, or Composite plastic.

Flexible adjustment: Shrinkable air duct allows adjusting wind direction and airflow at many different angles to help customize and regulate air flow.

Design flexibility : From round to rectangular, to suit design and space requirements in the ductwork system.

Durability and chemical resistance : air ducts are made from materials such as carbon steel and stainless steel to ensure durability, chemical resistance and long service life.

Performance : designed to optimize air flow and pressure in the duct system to ensure good performance

Easy installation and maintenance: Air duct has a simple design, easy to install and maintain

Diverse applications: Air ducts are widely used in ventilation and air conditioning systems of buildings, industrial factories, restaurants, hotels and other construction projects to meet many requirements. different.

Ventilation and air intake system Used to change the direction and adjust the air flow in the ventilation system and air intake system

Air conditioning system: Helps ensure uniform and optimal air distribution in conditioned spaces.

Construction projects:  Used in construction projects such as buildings, industrial factories, hotels, restaurants and commercial areas.

Industry: Applicable in industries such as manufacturing, processing, factories and workshops.

Special applications : Cleanrooms, recording studios, laboratories and other spaces requiring precise regulation of airflow.