Non-silver insulating glass wool

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Heat resistance 410°C
Proportion 10 - 96kg/m3
Specifications 30000x1200x50mm
Origin Vietnam, China

Silver-free insulating glass wool is a high-quality product, commonly used in roof insulation and sun protection projects. Excellent heat and sound insulation, fire resistance, moisture resistance, and bacteria resistance. Lightweight and easy to install, highly durable, highly recyclable

Good thermal insulation, low thermal conductivity

Good soundproofing ability, fiber structure with high density helps reduce noise, reduce sound amplification of roofs, walls and ceilings.

Non-flammable, fire resistant. If a fire occurs, no toxic gases will be produced.

Mineral wool is very durable over time, non-corrosive, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Water resistant.

Insulation for refrigeration systems: air conditioning, ventilation systems, insulation of air ducts, insulation of cold storage.

Soundproofing and heat insulation for Karaoke rooms, Bars, dance floors, recording studios, conference rooms, soundproofing for ceilings and drywall.

Heat protection for houses, factories, warehouses, and livestock barns.