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Optimize Your Construction with Heat Resistant Porous Bricks

Thermal insulation bricks are an indispensable element in the construction and insulation of industrial buildings, especially in the fields of production and heat.

What is Insulation Brick?

Insulating bricks, or heat-resistant foam bricks, are a special type of brick produced to have good heat insulation and heat resistance. The special feature of heat-resistant foam bricks is its structure, with relatively high porosity (from 50% to 58%) and small sized pores, evenly distributed throughout the structure. This helps foam bricks have good thermal insulation and reduce heat loss.

Benefits of Insulating Bricks

Insulating bricks bring many important benefits to projects:

Save Fuel and Energy

Heat-resistant foam bricks help reduce heat loss to the surrounding environment. This not only saves fuel but also reduces energy costs, making the heating process in the building more efficient.

Construction and Equipment Protection

Insulating bricks help protect buildings and internal equipment from the effects of high temperatures. This increases the lifespan of the project and reduces equipment failure.

Reduce Wall Weight and Size

Heat-resistant foam bricks are lighter in weight than traditional wall materials. This reduces the overall weight of the structure and reduces wall size, making the construction process more efficient.

Quickly Reaches Necessary Temperature

Insulating bricks help the process reach the required temperature quickly and effectively. This helps optimize firing time and production.

Application of Heat Resistant Foam Bricks

Heat-resistant foam bricks have many applications in industry, including:

Industrial Furnaces and Boilers : Exothermic foam bricks are very suitable for use in industrial furnaces and boilers. They help limit heat loss, improve performance and reduce heat costs.

Steel Rolling Furnace : In the steel manufacturing industry, heat-resistant foam bricks play an important role in protecting steel rolling furnaces from the effects of high temperatures, helping to maintain a smooth production process.

Heat Exchanger Towers : In heat exchanger towers, heat-resistant foam bricks provide good insulation and heat resistance, ensuring the tower’s performance.

Glass Furnace : In the glass manufacturing industry, heat-resistant foam bricks help to quickly and efficiently and reliably achieve the required temperature for the production process.

Reputable supplier of insulation bricks

Bao Son Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of experience in the field of providing refractory and insulation materials. We are committed to bringing you high quality products, reliable delivery schedules, reasonable prices and thoughtful warranty service.

We import products from reputable and branded partners from abroad. With heat-resistant, heat-insulating, and fire-resistant material products, we ensure high quality, reliability, and compliance with customer requirements.

If you are looking for quality insulation bricks or need further advice, please contact us via Hotline: 0949 413 503. We are committed to providing optimal solutions and supporting you in optimizing your work. your process with high quality heat-resistant foam bricks from Bao Son Refractory Materials Co., Ltd.


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