Bao Son would like to sincerely thank you for ordering at

Please check the goods carefully, compare the product with documents and warranty cards (if any) before receiving. In case you ask a relative to receive the goods, you should remind the recipient to check the goods carefully before receiving and paying. You can choose one of the payment methods below when ordering or when dealing with sales staff (applies to domestic customers).

Gu Technology applies the following payment methods:

1. Payment upon receipt

You will pay in cash when the delivery unit delivers the goods to your door.

2. Payment by Online transfer (Internet Banking)

Please transfer money to our bank account via the following bank account number:

Note:  With any form of delivery and payment, we provide complete documents such as: Sales invoice, or (and) Delivery note, or (and) Payment receipt, or (and) ) Financial invoice (if requested by the customer) to ensure that you are purchasing and using Gu Technology’s services.

If you have any questions, please contact Bao Son via hotline 0949 413 503 or email for support.