Refractory Castable 1700 °C

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Heat resistance 1700 °C
Specifications Bag: 25kg
Bag: 50kg
Origin Vietnam

Refractory Castable 1700 °C has the ability to withstand heat up to 1700°C, has the ability to boil, has good abrasion resistance, and is highly durable under the long-term impact of high temperatures while still preserving its physical and mechanical properties.Thông số kỹ thuật bê tông chịu nhiệt

Heat-resistant concrete specifications

Resistant to temperatures many times higher than conventional concrete.

Has high corrosion resistance and high durability.

Can be constructed in narrow joints and complex shapes such as nooks and crannies that cannot be built with fire bricks.

Zinc fiber heat-resistant concrete has relatively uniform properties and is quick to construct.


Used in specific industrial projects with high requirements for heat resistance.

Making lining for furnaces and thermal reactors.

Production of other products such as heat-resistant tiles, heat-resistant bricks, heat-resistant concrete blocks