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Secrets choosing fire-resistant bricks

Refractory bricks are bricks used to build structures that can withstand high temperatures (>538०C) . On the market today, there are many different types of refractory bricks, each with different characteristics, specifications, and heat resistance. So what is the secret to choosing a suitable type of refractory brick for the project, both economical and accurate, bringing economic efficiency to the business? Let us answer your questions.

Secret 1: Determine the purpose

First, just like when you start doing something, you need to determine what you are buying this type of heat-resistant brick for? What category and location do I need to build? From there, you will determine the shape, specifications, and heat resistance required for the type of brick you need to buy.

For example, if you want to build a boiler door arch: you will need beveled bricks (knife bricks or hammer bricks), size: 230x114x65/55 or 230x114x65/45 depending on the curvature of the arch, and heat resistance higher than 1200०C.

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You need to clearly understand the purpose of buying bricks to make the correct choice

Stringing those things together, you have an idea of ​​the type of brick you need. Or to make it more specific, create your own requirements table for refractory bricks:

Shape: Rectangular bricks, knife bricks, hammer bricks, 7 inch bricks, number 4 bricks, hole bricks,…

Size: 230x114x65, 450x235x60,…

Heat-resistant temperature: 1000०C, 1200०C, 1500०C, 1700०C…

If you are not a professional and it is difficult to determine the above factors, it is okay, call companies specializing in refractory bricks such as Bao Son Industrial Company Limited. Here, you will have a team of professional technicians dedicated to answering your questions and suggesting what types of tiles to buy. All you need to do is state your purpose for buying bricks.

Secret 2: Understand the characteristics and properties of different types of bricks

If you have determined the technical requirements you want, the next thing you need to do is choose a type of tile that suits those requirements. To make a truly accurate choice, you need to have an overview of the types of tiles on the market, and know the characteristics and properties of each type of tile. For example, high-aluminum refractory bricks will have high heat resistance (1700०C), withstand large forces and have a square, sharp appearance, often yellow in chicken fat….

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High aluminum bricks – Bricks that can withstand high temperatures and high impact forces

Besides, there are also types of sa fad bricks, FB bricks, insulating foam bricks, etc. Each type has its own characteristics, suitable for each customer’s requirements.

To have this knowledge about different types of bricks, you need to spend some time to learn about it, through the internet, books or contacting workers. But there is another easier way, which is to pick up the phone and call companies specializing in refractory bricks, companies with a variety of types of bricks, to get the most general advice about refractory bricks. Bao Son Industrial Company Limited is certainly a great choice.

Here, a team of consultants with extensive knowledge of the types of tiles on the market will be a great assistant to help you find the type of tile that best suits your needs. (

Tip 3: Compare prices

After choosing the right type of tile, the thing that businesses are most concerned about right now is the price. For a product whose price is not widely publicized in the market like refractory bricks, buyers’ concerns about financial issues are not uncommon. Most people who buy specific items such as refractory bricks are very concerned about the price issue. Especially the phenomenon of large price differences, making customers feel confused, not knowing what is the real price of the product.

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Secret 4: Choose a reputable supplier

There are many refractory brick suppliers on the market today, so which is the reputable supplier that you can trust? That supplier must be a large business, be able to advise you on your questions, be able to meet your needs and of course, that business must work professionally, effectively and quickly. . Bao Son Industrial Company Limited is a great choice for you. With a team of dedicated, cheerful, highly qualified staff, ready to bring you the best service.

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Bao Son Company is a great choice

In this article, we have learned 4 secrets to choosing a suitable type of refractory brick. We believe that this article has given you an overview of refractory bricks as well as some suggestions for you to choose the supplier and type of brick you need to look for. Wishing you success with your decision!

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