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Thermal insulating concrete ensures outstanding performance

Bao Son Company Limited is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of heat-resistant and insulating construction materials in Vietnam. We are proud to introduce our insulating concrete products , a breakthrough solution for applications requiring high thermal insulation and safety protection.

The perfect combination of quality and performance

Our heat-insulating concrete is produced from high-quality raw materials, with the perfect combination of heat-resistant cement and special additives. This creates a product with outstanding thermal insulation capabilities, reliable in maintaining stable temperatures and protecting critical systems.

Diverse applications

Bao Son Co., Ltd.’s insulating concrete can be widely used in many different fields and applications. We provide all types of heat-insulating concrete products with heat resistance from 1500°C – 1700°C . This product has been tested and certified to meet advanced requirements in the following areas:

Specific industry:  Used in specific industrial projects with high requirements for heat resistance.

  • Furnaces and furnaces : As lining for metal smelting furnaces and thermal reactors.
  • Production of other products : Our heat-insulating concrete is also used to produce products such as heat-resistant tiles, heat-resistant bricks and heat-resistant concrete blocks.

Outstanding advantages

Bao Son Co., Ltd.’s insulating concrete not only has outstanding heat resistance but also has other outstanding advantages:

  • High corrosion resistance : The product is resistant to corrosion due to the impact of high temperatures.
  • Flexible construction : Easy to construct in narrow locations and complex shapes that are difficult to perform with other materials.
  • High durability : The product has uniform properties and high durability under the long-term impact of high temperatures.

Choose Bao Son Co., Ltd.’s insulating concrete to ensure performance, safety and energy savings in applications requiring high insulation and heat resistance. We are committed to bringing satisfaction and trust from customers with excellent quality and service.

A reputable supplier of insulated concrete tiles 

In general, insulating concrete is the perfect solution for industrial applications that require good heat resistance and insulation. For important projects such as metallurgical furnaces, glass furnaces, or steel rolling furnaces, the quality and performance of construction materials are indispensable factors. Heat-resistant bricks not only meet these requirements but also help save fuel and protect the environment.

Bao Son Industry Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading refractory, heat-resistant, heat-insulating, and sound-insulating materials for heavy industry, metallurgy, textiles, chemicals, cement, iron and steel. In addition, Bao Son also provides optimal thermal insulation, heat protection, sound insulation, and highly effective sound reduction and absorption solutions for factory, civil, and industrial park projects. It is a reliable and reputable address. quality and speed for architects, investors and contractors nationwide

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