Thin Samot refractory bricks

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Ingredient <20% Al203
Heat resistance 1580°C
Specifications 230x114x32mm
Weight 1.8kg/tablet
Origin Vietnam

Thin Samot refractory bricks are provided by Bao Son Industry Company Limited

It is a shaped refractory product that is pressed and fired at agglomeration temperature.

High abrasion resistance, high compressive strength, and low expansion help stabilize the furnace shape and prolong its life.

Thông số kỹ thuật Gạch chịu lửa Sa mốt
     Technical specifications of Sa mot refractory bricks

Thin Samot refractory bricks are suitable for use in building furnace walls, furnace roofs or in combustion chambers. It is the most popular refractory material today, its low price makes it very suitable for building various parts of steel furnaces, iron furnaces, tunnel furnaces, ceramic furnaces, glass furnaces, cast iron furnaces and other types of refractory materials. another oven…