I. Return regulations

1. Cases of return:

The goods have technical defects and manufacturer errors

Goods were damaged due to the process of transporting goods to  Bao Son ‘s customers

The delivered goods do not match the design or type that the customer ordered

Delivered goods were missing accompanying accessories

If you detect the above cases, please do not receive the goods and ask our delivery staff to confirm the condition of the machine on the spot and request a return. Otherwise, the customer must immediately report the status of the defective goods to us within 3 days from the date of receipt to receive support for replacement. After 3 days, we will not support the solution because by default the customer has agreed. satisfied with the delivered product.

2. General conditions and return regulations:

“One for one”  for devices sold within 7 days if there is a problem.

Products sold after 7 days: the warranty department will provide a warranty of up to 30 days. If the product does not have that warranty, you will be loaned another device by our company for temporary use and negotiation. for you to exchange another device, if your warranty product has expired on the market.

Products with technical defects are determined and recognized by our company’s Technical Department as a manufacturer error.

Full packaging, box, no scratches, dents, external damage, breakage…

Full range of components and accessories

Full retail invoice from the store

The time to exchange goods is no more than 30 days from receipt of goods (based on the purchase invoice or receipt signed by the delivery party).

However, for some products we will not apply the same return conditions as above. During the sales consultation process, we will specifically advise on the deadline and return method for each product. for customers to refer to when they need to buy that product.


II. Refund Regulations

Refund fee:  the refund fee will be completely   paid by Bao Son if the error belongs to the company.

Form of refund:  Will replace the product for the customer. In case there is no longer that product in stock, the company commits to refund 100% of the fee that the customer has paid to us through the following forms: : cash at the company or transfer to customers. Refund time is within 10 working days.

1. Conditions apply

Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this Return and Refund Policy and forming part of the Terms of Service, Bao Son guarantees the rights of Buyers by allowing the submission of product return requests. and/or refund before expiration. The Bao Son Guarantee period  is specified in the Terms of Service.

Bao Son Guarantee is a service provided by Bao Son , at the request of the User, to assist the User in resolving conflicts that may arise during the transaction process. Users may contact each other to agree on the resolution of their dispute or approach the relevant local authority to assist them in resolving any dispute arising before, during or after Use Bao Son  guaranteed.

2. Return conditions

The buyer agrees that she/he can request returns and refunds only in the following cases:
• The buyer has paid but has not received the product;
• The product is defective or damaged during transportation;
• The Seller delivers the wrong product to the Buyer (eg: wrong size, wrong color, etc.);

3. Do not change your purchasing intention

Except as otherwise stated in this Returns and Refunds Policy, returns due to Buyer’s change of mind will not be accepted.

4. Refunds for Returned Goods

Only refund the Buyer when Bao Son confirms receipt of the returned Goods. In case the Buyer does not respond within the pre-specified time period, Bao Son  will automatically refund the Buyer without further notice. Depending on the circumstances, refunds will be credited to the Buyer’s nominated credit card/bank account.

Note: For COD orders, it is the Buyer’s responsibility to provide bank account information to receive the refund.

Buyer agrees to indemnify and hold Bao Son harmless from, or against any claims, suits, or liabilities/liabilities, damages, statements, penalties, fines, expenses, costs and expenses (including, without limitation any other dispute resolution costs) arising out of or in connection with any action taken by Bao Son  under the Returns and Refunds Policy This.