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What is calxined bauxite? Applications and benefits?

Calxined bauxite is an important and indispensable raw material in the production of refractory concrete and refractory bricks. This is an important component to improve heat and fire resistance properties for construction and structural products in high temperature and fire environments.

High Quality Ingredients

One of the strengths of calxined bauxite is its chemical composition. This product contains a large amount of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), accounting for 70% to 85% of the composition. Al2O3 has outstanding heat resistance and plays an important role in improving the fire and heat resistance of the product. This ingredient makes refractory aluminum grit especially strong in resisting heat and fire.

As another part of the composition, iron oxide (Fe2O3) accounts for about 3%. Fe2O3 not only creates color for the product but also affects its fire and heat resistance. This ingredient makes the product diverse in color and suitable for many different applications.

Diverse Size

Calxined bauxite is available in a variety of sizes to suit specific applications. This product is available in particle sizes from 0 to 5mm and 0 to 10mm, ensuring versatility in use. Thanks to the variety of sizes, you can utilize fire-resistant aluminum grit for many different construction projects and production facilities.

Outstanding Heat Resistance

Calxined bauxite is manufactured to meet strict requirements for heat resistance. With a heat resistance level of up to 1700°C, this product is the ideal choice for applications in extremely high temperature environments. This product protects construction structures and equipment from the effects of high temperature and fire, ensuring safety and sustainability for projects.

Wide applicantion

Aluminum high refractory grit has many different applications. Here are some examples:

Production of Refractory Concrete and Refractory Bricks: This product is an important ingredient to create refractory concrete and refractory bricks. It ensures the quality and heat-resistant properties of these products.

Heat Resistant Furnace: Refractory aluminum grit is used for construction and as aggregate for metallurgical furnaces, steel furnaces, kilns, and many other types of furnaces with special requirements for heat resistance.

Application for Compacting the Bottom and Roof Walls: This product is also used for compacting the bottom, walls and tops of heat-resistant equipment and furnaces with outstanding temperatures.

Convenient Packaging

The product is packaged in bags with a weight of 50kg/bag, helping to simplify the transportation and use process.

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