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What types of heat-resistant ceramic wool are there?

What is Ceramic Cotton?

Ceramic ceramic wool is made from ceramic fiber which is a type of synthetic man-made fiber. Heat resistance above 1260°C . It is a popular material in today’s construction projects. With high durability, good heat resistance, and easy construction, the material is the perfect choice when building insulation projects or large capacity furnaces. So what are the basic characteristics of this material? Find out with Bao Son in the article below

Overview of Bao Son Ceramic cotton

Today, to increase durability and efficiency in construction, people have produced many new types of construction materials. Ceramic ceramic wool is one of the new construction materials that is highly appreciated by many customers. Thanks to its outstanding advantages, it is gradually replacing traditional materials and being applied in many construction projects.


Ceramic ceramic wool, also known as Ceramic Fiber, is a product made of ceramic fiber – a type of synthetic artificial fiber. The product is produced on a modern technological line with the basic ingredient being Alumino Silicon dioxide. Thanks to its high thermal insulation ability from 1260 degrees C to 1800 degrees C, the product is used in extremely hot insulation works such as: furnaces, ceramic kilns, ceramic tiles, boilers, cold rolling furnaces…

Ceramic ceramic wool has high heat resistance up to 1800 degrees Celsius

Ceramic cotton production process

Heat-resistant ceramic wool is a material with extremely high working temperatures (>1000oC). Therefore, the ceramic cotton production line must also comply with strict industrial standards and operate automatically and continuously.

Production of ceramic fibers

Ceramic cotton is produced from ceramic fibers. Ceramic fibers have a basic composition of high-purity Alumino Silica dioxide (a compound of silicon in the form of sandstone or quartz fibers), which is melted by a stream of hot air blown into the furnace, then spun into fibers. has a diameter of 2 – 6 micrometers. These fibers are then cut apart. Additives, lubricants, etc. can also be added to this process.

Shaping ceramic cotton products

The formed ceramic fiber wool can be baled into finished products (loose ceramic cotton).

Or, it may enter further production. Ceramic fibers are pressed under high temperature, ceramic binder is added to form panels with different densities depending on production requirements. They continue through the cutter. The final product is ceramic cotton in sheets, rolls, ceramic paper… to suit many construction and installation requirements.

The ceramic cotton production process is very advanced, with high output and precise control of product quality.

Application of Ceramic Porcelain

Thanks to its high heat resistance properties, ceramic wool insulation is used in many different construction projects. Below are some basic practical applications of the material you can refer to:

Ceramic ceramic wool has a low heat transfer coefficient, so it has high heat insulation and heat resistance. Therefore, the product is widely used in metallurgy, chemicals and other industries

The product is used as insulation material for kilns specializing in the production of cement, glass or metallurgy, petrochemicals, ceramic production… Ceramic ceramic wool is used to make heat-resistant bricks in the construction of smelting furnaces. Modern aluminum. For furnace walls and high heat-resistant equipment walls, Ceramic ceramic wool is often used to increase durability and heat resistance.

For heat treatment equipment, this material can be used to insulate and increase heat resistance. Ceramic cotton is used to insulate boilers, pipes, and ducts. Prevent fire and explosion in construction projects or industrial production activities. Lining in nuclear insulation applications, products used in incinerators, waste incinerators, steam and gas turbines

Besides applications on Ceramic insulation cotton, it is also widely used in acid tanks, alkaline solutions and in many other industries. Thanks to the application of this modern insulation material, you can maximize fuel savings, improve the quality and durability of buildings…

At the same time, Ceramic Cotton also helps withstand high temperatures and is very effective when used for heat pipes and hot air exhaust for pipes in factories, workshops, hotels and other architectural works. .

Ceramic wool is used for fire protection and heat insulation in skyscrapers, apartments and commercial areas, soundproofing – heat insulation – fireproofing for houses, factories, factories, hospitals,… Ceramic ceramic wool is also used in heating equipment, boilers, furnaces, ovens, drying ovens, cold rolling furnaces, bread ovens, etc. The product can also be used to insulate systems. mechanical acid-base tanks at temperatures above 850°C.

Advantages of Ceramic ceramic wool

Why are more and more projects and industries using ceramic wool insulation? Why has the product appeared on the market in such a short time but has already gained a solid position? The reason is because Ceramic cotton has outstanding advantages over traditional materials such as:

The material is produced from ceramic fibers so it has high thermal insulation ability up to 1800 degrees Celsius

The product has a lower ability to retain, absorb and conduct heat than traditional insulation materials (the thermal conductivity coefficient of ceramic wool is only 0.046 – 0.195 W/mK at 200 degrees C – 600 degrees C)

Ceramic cotton is produced on a modern technological line so it has high flatness and accurate dimensions

Cotton has high tensile strength, flexibility, and can withstand great pressure

The product is not corroded or degraded by chemicals, thus increasing durability and safety for construction projects.

Ceramic ceramic wool has stable and uniform properties that help construction projects operate stably with few incidents.

The product can be transported and constructed quickly, consuming little time and effort. Besides, when problems occur at the construction site, they can be easily fixed without much impact on production progress.

Cotton is produced in many different shapes and sizes

Cotton is produced in many different sizes and shapes. This makes the product suitable for application in a variety of projects.

Ceramic insulation has good electrical and sound insulation properties and can prevent thermal shock when exposed to high temperatures.

Cotton contains low organic content so during use it is not attacked by mold or insects.

The product has a low price so it can save construction costs for projects

Product limitations

Besides the above advantages, Ceramic insulation still has some limitations such as:

To produce insulation cotton, units need to comply with strict requirements on techniques, production materials, etc.

The production process requires investment in modern machinery

On the market, there are many brands that produce and supply insulation cotton with different quality and prices. Many products have unclear origins, limited quality, and high prices, affecting the quality of works.

Insulation cotton is produced on modern technological lines

Update the latest price list of ceramic tiles

The Ceramic cotton market is diverse with many types with different characteristics and prices. Before deciding to own, customers need to find out the product price to limit risks and economic losses. So what is the latest price list of the current product? What factors determine product price?

Factors affecting product price 

The price of ceramic cotton products depends on many different factors, including basic factors such as:

Volume of Ceramic insulating ceramic wool 

The first factor that affects the price of ceramic cotton products is volume. The larger the volume of product you buy, the higher the product price will certainly be. Therefore, whether you buy loose cotton or ceramic cotton in sheets or rolls, you need to pay attention to the weight to be able to prepare the best budget. Each type of Ceramic ceramic wool will have different heat insulation capabilities

Thermal insulation ability of Ceramic ceramic wool

Each type of Ceramic cotton will have different insulation capabilities. This also regulates the cost of the product. Ceramic wool with better thermal insulation will have a higher price than cotton with low thermal insulation ability.

Product price depends on shape and production specifications

Ceramic insulation is produced in many different shapes and sizes so that customers can flexibly choose when constructing projects. Currently, this type of insulation material is produced by units in the following main forms: sheets, rolls, thin paper, and shreds. Each type of product is used for different projects and equipment and has different prices.

Highly insulated Ceramic cotton warehouse in Bao Son

Product price depends on brand and quality

Different types of quality Ceramic cotton will have different prices. Products belonging to big brands and high quality will certainly have a higher price than products belonging to small brands, unknown origin and poor quality.

The price of ceramic insulation depends on the supplier address

On the market today, there are many units supplying Ceramic ceramic wool. The prices offered by the units are quite diverse. For that reason, customers need to learn details to choose suppliers with high product quality and reasonable prices. Besides the above factors, when customers buy insulation cotton in large quantities, the company will receive a discount or percentage discount. In particular, for customers who live far away, shipping costs are expensive, so the price of insulation cotton also increases slightly compared to customers buying nearby.

Technical specifications of Ceramic ceramic wool

Certainly, for shoppers, the specific price of Ceramic insulation cotton on the market today is the first concern. Below is the latest ceramic cotton price list in 2024 that you can refer to:



Temperature (oC) Size (mm) Unit price


Wide Long Thickness
96 kg/m3 1260 610 7200 25mm Contact


1260 610 3600 50mm
128 kg/m3 1430 610 7200 25mm Contact


1430 610 3600 50mm


Temperature (oC) Size (mm) Unit price


Wide Long Thickness
300 kg/m3 1430 600 900 25mm Contact


1430 600 900 50mm Contact


Loose Ceramic Cotton Pads
No Temperature (oC) Packaging (Bag) Unit price/KG Unit price (Package)
first 1260 20kg/bag Contact  Contact 

The above price list is for reference only. Product prices may fluctuate depending on fluctuations in the general market and suppliers. Therefore, to know the exact, specific price, you need to contact the store directly.

Professional Ceramic insulation cotton supplier

Bao Son Company specializes in manufacturing and distributing heat-resistant, heat-insulating, and sound-proofing materials on the market with a simple and quick working process. With this process, the unit saves customers maximum time and effort when purchasing.

Just contact the Hotline/ zalo number 0949-413-503 and the company’s staff will provide consultation and then quickly confirm the order. After agreeing on a price agreement, the Ceramic insulating ceramic wool needed to be purchased from Bao Son will be transported to the location requested by the buyer. Thus, there is no need to waste time going to the store, with just one phone call, customers can own the product as requested. Besides, the company’s professionalism is also reflected in its after-sales service. All of the company’s insulation products are warranted according to regulations. If any problems occur during construction or use, the company will be responsible for guiding and handling to ensure the best quality. Above is basic information about Ceramic insulation cotton products and Ceramic ceramic wool price quotes that you can refer to. With high thermal insulation ability, low price, and easy construction, the product is considered the perfect choice for modern construction projects. Coming to Bao Son company, you will definitely own the best quality insulation cotton at the most preferential prices. See more: Ceramic wool is a fireproof insulation solution. The most preferential price for Rockwool mineral wool panels in Bao Son

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